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The Inland Northwest Car Club Council (I.N.C.C.C.) was formed to function as an advisory and information center to and for the members and the car community at large. The council meets monthly to exchange and dispense information to car enthusiasts.  The I.N.C.C.C is a Washington State non-profit corporation and an IRS 501 exempt organization.

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June 14 - More event additions, changes, and cancellations posted. It's in your best interest to review often our "Post Printed Calendar" page. We have a number of events, not in the printed calendar, that were added. Others had details changed, or were cancelled. Regularly reviewing this page should help you in choosing events to attend, or provide important new details about an event you were considering. 
May 31 -  We've added some new documents to the "Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame" section found under our "Other Organizations" choice on our menu. The WSHRHoF is an organization that recognizes individuals, car clubs and businesses that do outstanding work in their community and with their local charities. These individuals, car clubs and businesses always cast a positive light on the hot rod scene and help in promoting good auto safety and family values, both on and off the road." They are looking for more sponsors to support their work. Please review the new documents posted on our page.

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